• marebito theater company “Performing Fukushima”


marebito theater company “Performing Fukushima”

  • Written and Directed by marebito theater company
  • Photo:Keiko Sasaoka

Having created works as a group around themes such as Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Fukushima, marebito theater company, which includes members such as playwright Masataka Matsuda and which has dedicated itself to exploring the possibilities of theater, launches a new long-term project with F/T. Several playwrights will undertake research in Fukushima to depict the dramatic happenings and scenes underlying the hours of everyday life. The content of the performances will differ across four days and four stages, emerging as a production bearing witness to chance encounters and urban transience.


Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory
  • 11.17 (Thu) 19:00*
  • 11.18 (Fri) 19:00*
  • 11.19 (Sat) 15:00*
  • 11.20 (Sun) 15:00*
  • *Post-show talk
  • Each performance is a different staging of plays written by Mitsuru Aida, Keisuke Kamiya, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, and Saki Yamada.
90 min.
Performed in Japanese


Unreserved seating Advance: ¥3,500 / Day: ¥4,000 / Other tickets available

Cast / Staff

Text Mitsuru Aida, Keisuke Kamiya, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, Saki Yamada
Directed by Ikuko Sekita, Ayumi Fukui, Masataka Matsuda, Ippei Miyake, Saki Yamada
Performers Mitsuru Aida, Satoshi Ikuzane, Azusa Kamimura, Komiki Sato, Takashi Shima, Yume Tanaka, Maki Nishiyama, Shintaro Hamano, Keita Yamashina, Mana Yumii, Shingo Yoshizawa, Naoya Wagatsuma
In cooperation with TENNIS COURT
Planned by marebito theater company
Presented by Festival/Tokyo, marebito

Artist Profile

marebito theater company

This experimental theatre group was established in 2003, led by Masataka Matsuda. Its first production, Island Vibration Organ, written and directed by Matsuda, was performed in May 2004. This was followed by cryptograph (2007), which was staged in Cairo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Delhi. In 2009 and 2010, it produced a series themed around Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Voiceprints City — Letters to Father, Park City, Hiroshima-Hapcheon: Doubled Cities in Exhibition), while Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance (2012) focused on the relationship between media and society after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent Fukushima disaster. Since 2013, the company has been engaged in a long-term project to stage plays by multiple writers about a single place. In 2016, Performing Nagasaki was premiered as the culmination of the first three years of work. The project has now turned to Fukushima. Ever since its Hiroshima-Nagasaki series, the group has emphasized a collaborative creation process as well as unconventional theatrical methods, including performances that utilize the format of an exhibition, outdoor settings, and social media.

Matsuda Masataka

Director of marebito theater company

Born in Nagasaki in 1962, Masataka Matsuda is the artistic director of marebito theater company. He received the Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 1996 for Sea and Parasol, the Yomiuri Theater Grand Prix Drama Award for Cape Moon in 1997, and the Yomiuri Prize for Literature for Over Summer Sands in 1998. He formed the experimental group marebito theater company in 2003. Major productions include cryptograph (2007), Voiceprints City — Letters to Father (2009), Park City (2009), created with the photographer Keiko Sasaoka, Hiroshima-Hapcheon: Doubled Cities in Exhibition (F/T10), Record of a Journey to Antigone, and Its Performance (F/T12), and Performing Nagasaki (2016). He currently teaches at Rikkyo Universityʼs College of Contemporary Psychology Body Expression and Cinematic Arts course.